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NCompasssTrac - is a Winner at the OCTANe 25th Annual High Tech Innovation Awards

October 1, 2018 - Newport Beach, CA.

NCompasssTrac - is announced as a Winner at the OCTANe 25th Annual High Tech Innovation Awards. Technology finalists were chosen from over 80 companies in the Southern California Orange County Area. As a finalist, NCompassTrac landed in the Best Technology Innovation in Software category and went on to interview with the OCTANe judges and selection team. From there, the process of selecting a winner was confidential with the winners being announced at the Annual OCTANe Awards Event in Newport Beach California September 27th.


“Just being nominated to the finalist list is an honor and privilege” states Chris Daden NCompassTrac, Chief Technology Officer. “This is a group of companies that are highly talented and have demonstrated the ability to execute in their respective markets. To win this category is just an amazing experience and stands as a validation of our product strategy and direction.”


NCompassTrac was initially interviewed and subsequently nominated by RSM US LLP in the early rounds. Ryan Hoffman, RSM US LLP Partner adds “we were impressed by NCompassTrac’s vision, patented product portfolio, growth and marque client base. It was clear to us from the outset, that this is an organization worth recognizing.”


The OCTANe event was held at the Balboa Bay Resort and included guest speakers as well as industry leaders. The event brought together all the elements required to drive innovation by connecting people and ideas with resources and capital. The evening Emcee was Jane King, CEO of LilaMax Media LLC and Reporter for Small Cap Nation, NASDAQ Market site. Jane currently provides daily business reports from the NASDAQ Market site in Times Square for 70 TV stations as well as the Jane also conducts occasional interviews for Facebook Live and Small Cap Nation, and others.


About OCTANe : OCTANe has created one of the nation’s most dynamic ecosystems to drive technology industry growth in Orange County California by connecting ideas and people with resources and capital. It’s the one place where entrepreneurs, investors, executives, academics, clinicians, and business advisors come together to collaborate, create, and grow. OCTANe has enabled hundreds of medical, information, sports and clean technology companies in Orange County to get started and grow. LEARN MORE


About NcompassTrac LLC: NCompassTrac is an industry leader in the development of cloud and mobile based technologies that enhance and increase the revenue potential of companies though out the world. Headquartered in Laguna Hills California, USA, NCompassTrac provides the Automotive, Powersports and other industries products that focus on capturing new and retaining existing customers through patented products and methods. Its customers include Mercedes Benz, Honda, BMW, Lexus, GMC, Harley-Davidson, Polaris Industries, and other major industry brands.



NCompassTrac Who’s Up?® product makes the grade at TechCrunch Disrupt 2018

September 11, 2018 - San Francisco, CA.

TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2018 Virtual Hackathon was open to the world for the most creative and compelling new product developments. With 1,050 submissions from some of the world’s most respective and creative developers, a panel of judges had to choose 30 of the highest-scoring product hacks. Who’s Up?®, an NCompassTrac product designed to automate sales rotation and equitable lead distribution, scored in the top 30. In doing so, the NCompassTrac development team was awarded 5 TechCrunch passes valued at $10,000 as well as being invited to be present at the prestigious demo alley where judges and industry analysts were allowed to see and evaluate the winning products. “We could not be more pleased with our score and placement within this elite crowd of technologists”, states Chris Daden, NCompassTrac Chief Technology Officer and adds “this event has validated our product sights and vision as well as acted as a barometer for our technological stack and approach”.


About the judges, TechCrunch editor Emma Comeau writes “We’re honored to have such an impressive panel of judges from Slack, Pinterest, Color, Google and Cloudflare — some of the top companies in tech.”   The judges included:


John Agan,who leads Slack’s partner engineering team to support and grow the partner ecosystem. Prior to joining Slack, John was the global director of solutions engineering at GitHub and the principal UX engineer of Analytics Cloud at Salesforce.


Sha Sha Chu, who currently serves as the Android platform technical lead at Pinterest, where she guides the overall technical direction of the Pinterest app for Android. Sha Sha holds a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford.


Wendy McKennon, vice president of product at Color. She spent several years at Google as a team leader and as an individual contributor on products such as Google Maps, Wallet and AdWords. Prior to her time at Google, she worked at Method Design and Yahoo. Wendy holds a degree in symbolic systems from Stanford University.


Marily Nika, currently works on Google Assistant. Marily holds a doctorate in computer science, and loves new tech and fresh ideas. She’s participated in 30 hackathons to date, emceed TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathons in London and Berlin, delivered three TEDx talks and received international recognition — including the Woman of the Year 2018 Award (FDM Group) and WISE Influence Award 2015 for empowering the #womenintech community.


Jennifer Taylor, head of products at Cloudflare, leads the delivery of world-class, cloud-based performance, security and content delivery solutions for companies of all sizes. Previously she was a senior vice president of product management for search at Salesforce, where she built enterprise search experiences that connect people with relevant information they need to produce business results. Prior to Salesforce, Jennifer held a variety of senior product management and marketing roles at Facebook and Adobe.


About TechCrunch Disrupt:TechCrunch is an American online publisher of technology industry news founded in 2005 by Archimedes Ventures whose partners were Michael Arrington and Keith Teare. It reports on the business of tech, tech news, analysis of emerging trends in tech, and profiling of new tech businesses and products. TechCrunch Disrupt First held in 2011, TechCrunch Disrupt is an annual tech conference hosted by TechCrunch in San Francisco, New York City, and Europe (London or Berlin), with one 2011 conference held in Beijing.


TechCrunch Disrupt hosts an event called Startup Battlefield at its conferences where startups sign up to pitch their business ideas on a stage in front of venture capital investors, media and other interested parties for prize money and publicity. Past participants include Dropbox, Beam, Vurb, Trello, Mint, Yammer, and


About NcompassTrac LLC: NCompassTrac is an industry leader in the development of cloud and mobile based technologies that enhance and increase the revenue potential of companies though out the world. Headquartered in Laguna Hills California, USA, NCompassTrac provides the Automotive, Powersports and other industries products that focus on capturing new and retaining existing customers through its award winning patented products and methods. Its customers include Mercedes Benz, Honda, BMW, Lexus, GMC, Harley-Davidson, Polaris, and other major industry brands.



NCompassTrac Awarded Patent No. 9,785,967 from United States Patent and Trademark Office for its CARS™ solutionNCompassTrac Releases Gen III of its Customer Retention Platform

October 10, 2017 - Alexandria, Virginia USPTO

NCompassTrac LLC has been awarded a Patent for the methods and algorithms used in its Customer Acquisition and Retention Solution also known as CARS™. Under this Patent, proprietary algorithms and methods work to aggregate, clean and segment consumer data for the purpose of marketing and communication on behalf of an enterprise such as an automotive or powersports dealership or other industry that wish track communication to and from current and prospective customers.


Some embodiments of the invention include a novel consumer data aggregation and segmented marketing communication system that assists companies wanting to increase revenues by offering incentives that recapture lost customers and acquire new customers not yet known to the business. The system also allows for the communication collateral to be “coded” information that is read or scanned at a redemption point to instantly identify customer segment, category and usage statistics. Also included are capture capabilities that scan or read drivers’ license information that in turn trigger execution of predefined business rules to classify and make decisions on what process to should be executed.


The invention also embodies a digital currency in the form of points and or declining balance of pre-loaded currency amounts on a “coded” medium that are tracked and stored for complete commerce, audit and accounting purposes.


Under the Patent, data input can come from a variety of sources such as CRM, DMS, 3rd party data providers or any other source and is run through the proprietary algorithms and methods that are directed through a friendly end user interface. The output of which is segmented data and files that can be “coded” for distribution from a mail house, electronic method(s) or other distribution medium that can be used to redeem coded incentives. Data is secured using encryption algorithms, public and private keys.


“We could not be more excited to receive this Patent”, states Ron Vangell, CSO NcompassTrac and one of the Patent authors. “It represents the value proposition of our unique offering and technology advantage. Through this Patent, we are representing to our clients that we have put the effort into a level of protection for them not afforded by most other vendors and that we are committed to the business of producing original non-infringing technologies that drive revenue and improve customer engagement”.


This patent is retro-active to the original filing date which is February 2014.


About the United States Patent and Trade Office: The United States represents the largest, most dynamic marketplace in the world and is an unapparelled location for business investment, innovation, and commercialization of new technologies. The USA offers tremendous resources and advantages for those who invest and manufacture goods here. Through SelectUSA, our nation works to encourage and facilitate business investment. To learn more about why the USA is the best country in the world to develop technology, manufacture products, and grow your business, visit


About NcompassTrac LLC: NCompassTrac is an industry leader in the development of cloud and mobile based technologies that enhance and increase the revenue potential of companies though out the world. Headquartered in Laguna Hills California, USA, NCompassTrac provides the Automotive, Powersports and other industries the ability to capture new and reward existing customers with incentives that insure a lasting business relationship. Its customers include Mercedes-Benz, Honda, BMW, Lexus, GMC, Harley-Davidson, Polaris, and other major industry brands.



NCompassTrac Engineers take first place in Mojio’s 2nd Annual Connected Car Hackathon at AutoMobility LA 2016

December 6, 2016 - AutoMobility LA 2016

The 2nd Annual Connected Car Hackathon at AutoMobility LA brought together bright minds from across Los Angeles to rapidly develop and prototype solutions that harnessed Mojio’s open platform for connected cars and the Amazon Alexa Skills Kit. The hackathon yielded twenty-three teams that entered the ring to compete for the most innovative and well-executed application ideas. With only thirty-six hours of development on the table, teams were expected to take their ideas from concept, to code, and into production for a live presentation and demo to the panel of judges.


One of the twenty-three teams was a group of enthusiastic engineers from NCompassTrac, a leading software technology company based in Laguna Hills, CA. The team of four developed a strong concept and came together over the weekend to craft LUMEN, a connected car app that utilizes real-time data Mojio’s platform to help everyday drivers focus on identifying and correcting driving inefficiencies via the “LUMEN Score”. The LUMEN score is further enriched with multiple 3rd party data sources, such as OpenWeather, OpenMaps, and the NHTSA, and uses specially crafted algorithms to produce a single number that represents a weighted average view of efficiency.


LUMEN considers a variety of variables such as weather conditions, speed limits, OEM published MPG for your vehicle, and uses contextual information to help determine whether or not the efficiency was an uncontrollable circumstance or something that is habitual and can be improved. The team took their concept to the next level with the addition of the LUMEN Indicator, a real-time visual indicator that utilizes a spectrum of color to represent a driver’s LUMEN score and provides actionable advice.


In addition, the LUMEN app provides a distraction and hands-free experience to relate to your car with support for seven dynamic Amazon Alexa questions that allow the driver to ask the following:


What is my LUMEN score? How can I improve my LUMEN score? What's my top speed? What's my battery voltage? Does my car have any recalls? What is my fuel efficiency? When will I need gas?


The team believes the LUMEN score would be of significant interest to insurance companies, parents, highway patrol and law enforcement, as well as OEM’s as they can assess the performance of makes and models and derive safety and efficiency data from them.


“Amongst a pool of strong contenders, the LUMEN team exceeded the judging panel’s expectations with their innovative execution across multiple technology stacks,” stated Kyle MacDonald, Head of Marketing at Mojio. “Not only did the team efficiently produce a complex driver scoring algorithm, but they managed to integrate data points from Mojio’s open platform with the Alexa Skills Kit for a meaningful connected car experience driven by conversation.”


“We couldn’t be more proud of this team led by Chris Daden and Caleb Halford,” declared Kevin Cooper, CEO of NCompassTrac. “With 23 talented teams and a compressed time frame, the scope, functionality and applicability of LUMEN to the growing Connected Car market was spot on”.


The winning team members from NCompassTrac include Chris Daden, Caleb Halford, Jordan Zarate, and Cole Cooper.


To view the LUMEN product demonstration on YouTube, follow this link:


About NCompassTrac: A leading software technology company located in Laguna Hills, California that builds cloud based computing applications for the Automotive, Power Sports and Event markets that make a positive economic impact on efficiencies and the way companies operate.


About Mojio: Founded in 2012, Mojio is the leading open platform for connected cars. Trusted by the world’s top wireless carriers, including Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile, Mojio is the platform of choice for scalable deployment of secure connected car apps and services for enterprise customers, including wireless carriers, auto manufacturers, car dealers, insurers and fleets.


Mojio unlocks hidden telematics data from nearly any car, bringing “dumb” cars into the Internet of Things and enabling a new suite of automotive experiences that provide something we’ve all been searching for: peace of mind for our cars and the people in them.


Mojio is actively hiring for cutting edge engineering roles in Palo Alto, Prague and Vancouver!


For more information, visit


For career opportunities, visit Mojio on LinkedIn.


Mojio Media Enquiries:

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